VyNyL re VyVyL

VynyL re VyVyL
one of cornwall's
busiest rock bands

Why VyNyL-re-VyVyL ?

We like to keep the old vinyl hits alive or “revive” long lost songs that you know but can’t remember.

From private parties to festivals, pubs, clubs and weddings.

VrV will have you rocking along with us.

Vynyl re vyvyl

Playing a varied mix of rock n roll, punk, rock and pop 

plus a few surprises along the way.

Including hits from………..

Black Sabbath, Kings of Leon, T Rex, Johnny Cash,

Status Quo, The Monkeys, The Beatles, 

Credence Clearwater Revival, Elvis Presley,

Blink 182, Jimi Hendrix, The Clash

and plenty more besides

You can come and see us across Cornwall from the Lizard to Callington and many more towns and villages.

Some of our lovely venues have had us back year after year, gig after gig.

For our current gig list check out our facebook page below.

Dont forget to have a good look around this site.

We have some great videos from live gigs and also some

great home recordings we did while under

lockdown during the Covid-19 breakout.

For the latest news from VyNyL-re-VyVyL its always best to check out our

Facebook page or drop us an email on our contact page even if you just want to

know when and where our next gig is.


All of our equipment is of the highest quality.

Our instruments are from PRS Guitars, Fender Guitars, Ibanez Guitars and Carlsboro.

We Also use Marshall Fender and Boss Guitar Amps.

Our P.A. rig is Alto, Behringer and we use  Shure Microphones.

Pete multitasking