2020 What a year

Well there you have it folks.

2020 what a year !

Unfortunately our final gig of the year down at the Cornubia Hayle has been cancelled due to this bloody virus and the lockdowns.

But on the the plus side we have gigs booked for next year albeit not until April.

We consider our selves one of the lucky ones however as we have managed to gig a couple of times during the great lockdown of 2020.

Thanks to The Cornubia and Indian Queens Working mens club for those.

We have been in contact with our venues and have been reassured that we will have bookings as and when things get back to normal again.

We do understand though that all the venues that we play at are businesses and need to make a profit and of course so do we. Yes we love playing live music for people and we don’t make a lot of money doing it but we do miss playing a lot.

Well I guess that’s us signing out for another year. See you all on the other side and don’t forget to take care and stay safe fellow rockers.

2020 What a Year

Phil, Ben, Paul and Pete.


The Four of Us

Happy New Year

From the boys at VrV

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