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Here is a little bit about VrV

There is so much to say about VrV but here goes.

VyNyL-re-VyVyL were formed in 2013. We have had several members go on to bigger things but despite this and a few other changes of members along the way we have been very settled for about four years until Martin left us. Changing a member, requires a lot of try outs until you find the ‘one’ that fits!   

2020 welcomed on board Paul –   until the lockdown that is! 

We are now back gigging as normal post lockdown!

Please keep an eye on our blog or facebook page for updates

Now we are four guys who have similar tastes in music and we all love what we do.

So why are we in VrV?

Our current line up.


Phil on Rhythm Guitar….

“Its a massive privilege to play with these guys. Four strangers that have become great friends. Love every minute of it.”


Chris on  Drums….

“Awesome to be out on the scene again – I just love playing drums, seeing people having a good time and having a good time myself.”


Ben on Vocals/Bass Guitar….

“I would be playing for Metallica but Rob got there first 🙂 “


Paul on Lead Guitar….

“Being in VRV is like an extended family, we all have music bringing us together, getting out and playing live with friends is an amazing adventure.

So that was a little bit about VrV.

Need to know some more about us?

Please don’t be afraid to contact us if you need any more information.

From upcoming gigs to cost of our performance we are always happy to help, so drop us an email or give Phil a call.

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