You can contact VrV a number of ways, the best is probably just drop us an email by filling out the form below. If you need to get hold of us  urgently then by all means phone Phil on the number below but please bear in mind his day job is a taxi driver. You can of course send us a message by visiting our Facebook page or click the blue button below.

Please remember though that we all have day jobs so please bear with us but will will get back to you as soon we can.

Send us an email
Please provide a the full address as the distance may effect the price.
Please allow at least 90 mins for us to set up our equipment and sound check before we start. Our Normal set lasts around 2 hours plus a break half way.
For example. Do you require music before and after we perform? Do you want us to learn any special songs* (Private gigs only). Or any other special requirements that may affect our price.

Contact  VrV phone or text

Call Phil on

07944 034547
This is also his taxi number 🙂

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