Here are some useful links that we hope you will like.

Check out the local ones for some great sites and businesses including

local artists pubs and taxi companies.

Major Manufacturers

Thanks must go to FenderPRS and Ibanez for your great guitars and amps, and to

Marshall Amplification


Roland Boss

for giving us the sound that we want.

Other Useful links

Carbis Cabs.

Taxi company serving Bodmin and Bodmin Parkway.

Book in advance to save a few quid.

Blatant free promo for Phil’s daytime job 😉

The Cornubia Inn

1 of our favourite venues with a fantastic vibe and

a love for live music. We play here on a regular basis normally 

two or three times a year.

Miranda Knight

Brilliant local artist

Ever since my mum told me to go to bed at 3am after staying up half the night to completely change my final G.C.S.E. piece of work, the night before it was due to be handed in, i’ve been a perfectionist!

Thankfully that 3am painty mess was worth it and earned me a place in Bath Uni (following my A level) and ultimately took me into my first job after leaving education, as a graphic artist.

These days my work is a lot less structured and more me about me. 

I hope you enjoy the paintings i’ve produced of my beautiful Cornish home in St Ives Bay

The Rock inn.

The Rock Inn is a lovely community pub located on Fore Street in Roche, Cornwall.

We have been booked here for the first time in 2021 so check out our gig list to see when we are here.

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