Videos of us

Below are  videos of us that we created while under lockdown during Covid-19. The are also loads more from some of our gigs over the years with different members of VrV on our YouTube Channel. Click the link to go there and don’t forget to subscribe to our page and click to bell icon to ensure you will be notified of new content.

Enter Sandman Metallica

Metallica are probably our favourite artists. We normally cover two of their songs in our set and Enter Sandman is one of them. The other is Whiskey which is not one of their original songs but we do like the version that they do.

Videos of us
The Beatles "Help"

Well what can we say? The Beatles, who doesn’t like the Beatles right? “Help” is just one of four songs we add to our set from time to time but rest assured every gig we do has one or two from John, Paul, George and Ringo.

videos of us
Kings of leon "molly's chamber"

Kings of Leon are one of those bands that you don’t know you like. Then you hear Molly’s Chamber and ask someone “This is great who does it?” We also do other Kings of Leon tracks but we don’t want to give away too much 🙂

videos of us
festival compilation

WE have played at several festivals over the years but it has to be said that the one we love the most is The Witchball Beer Festival. With around 500 people packed into a beer garden the atmosphere is extraordinary. The marquee is just a small part of the entire venue with the open air grounds twice the size of this.

More Videos of us During Lockdown

Well it has to be said that we had plenty of time on our hands during the Covid-19 lockdown. But at least it allowed us to make the time to put some videos together and time was the defining word.

Phil spent days and weeks putting together the audio and video clips of the lads which was no mean feat. However in the end it was worth the effort as you can see. Each one getting better and better than the last.

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